Aggie 100

Summit award Winners


There are many Aggie companies that are highly successful and yet do not qualify for inclusion in the Aggie 100. Therefore, in 2012 the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship introduced the Summit Award, which seeks to highlight an Aggie owned and led business with the highest average revenue over the same three-year-period. These companies may or may not qualify for the current year’s Aggie 100 list. However, that does not mean that their success should not be celebrated. Since 2012 the Summit Award recipients have generated a combined total revenue of $17,003,996,330.  A company can only receive the Summit Award once.

Year Company Leader Avg. Revenue
2012 Oil States International Inc. Cindy Taylor $ 2,666,471,333.00
2013 Ineos Olefins & Polymers USA Dennis Seith $ 4,587,000,000.00
2014 CIMA ENERGY, LTD. Thomas Edwards $ 2,849,731,518.00
2015 Moda Inc. Robert Gootee $ 2,126,186,333.33
2016 Genesis Networks Enterprises James Goodman $ 868,651,989.33
2017 Diamondback Energy Travis Stice $ 489,852,667.00
2018 American Bath Group, Praxis Companies LLC Lowell F. Stonecipher, Jr. $ 481,879,740.00
2019 Walker TX Holding Company, Inc and Subsidiaries Brent Walker $ 342,698,749.00
2020 SRS Distribution Inc Dan Tinker $ 2,591,524,000.00
2021 MB2 Dental Mauricio Dardano $ 303,313,667.00