2006 Nuggets of Wisdom

Treat everyone you meet as if they were the CEO of your largest client.

John Hawkins ‘88

Alliance Data Corporation

Anyone can have buildings  equipment  and inventory  but it is the people within the organization that make the difference.

Barry Hendler ‘71

American Lumber

"An entrepreneur makes the decision to create something from nothing.  The road is lined with many obstacles and success requires tenacity  faith  courage  creativity and charisma."

Michael G. Scheurich ‘92

Arch-Con Corporation

Staying status quo makes no sense to me.  If you’re not dreaming of growing the business  you should look for another job.

Warren Barhorst ‘88

Barhorst Insurance Group

Take the passion  work ethic  technical expertise  loyalty and integrity that Texas A&M gives you and apply it to every facet of your entreprenuerial endeavor.

Jerry Deitchle ‘73

BJ's Restaurants  Inc.

Work hard  but also have fun.  The key to growing a successful business is hiring good people and then keeping them motivated on achieving the mission.   The best way to overcome work related stress and uncertainty is by creating an atmosphere of trust and respect.  This open culture is hard to accomplish  but fun to be a part of when it happens

Philip Frink ‘80

Patrick Brand ‘81

Blade Energy Partners

Take care of your employees and customers  and they will take care of you and your company.

David R. Bell ‘04

Blue Magic  Inc.

In the beginning  there were times that seemed overwhelming  but if you take one day at a time and work hard  success will follow.

Sherry F. Barker ‘82

C.E.Barker LTD.

You begin your entrepreneurial career with your dreams in full bloom and your integrity intact.  Be sure that you finish your career with your dreams realized and your integrity still intact.

Daniel L. Ritz  Jr. ‘84

CapNet Securities Corporation

You'll never find a traffic jam on the extra mile.

K. Stefan Capps ‘82

Capsher Technology  Inc.

Always strive to be the best you can be and always keep learning long after you have finished your formal education.  Stay humble  remember where you came from and give back to those in need.

Capstone Commercial Real Estate Group  Inc.

Do not be afraid to take risks  and when doing so remember it is of upmost importance to know the quality and integrity of the people with whom you're conducting business.  By adhering to this principle  and with much patience and hard work  you will greatly increase your probabilty of long term success.

Danny J. Bowers  Jr. ‘82

Cardan Enterprises  Inc.

If you can't find your dream job  it is probably waiting for you to create it.

Terrell Miller ‘99

Cattlesoft  Inc.

"Talk less  listen more  be honest and never be afraid to express your heartfelt opinion"

Robert L. Urban ‘76

CCC Group  Inc.

With honesty and hard work what seems impossible can be achieved

Eduardo Pantin ‘67

Cementaciones Petroleras Venezolanas  S.A. (CPVEN)

An ancient Chinese proverb:  Get knocked down 7 times  stand up 8


Matt Bowman ‘93

CES Environmental Services  INc.

Leadership  intelligent thinking  long hours and endurance are the building blocks for a successful business.  Be willing to step up and make something happen.

Chaparral Energy Inc

Create your own opportunity  and make honesty and integrity the foundation for all that you do.

Thomas K. Edwards ‘88


I have found that most people want for you to be successful and they will really try to help you.

Robert J. Sproule ‘76

Class 1 Controls

Don't take "no" for an answer...

Albert W. Clay ‘65

Clay Development & Construction  Inc.

Explore all options to find the type business you really enjoy and can be proud of. Work hard  work smart  and be a positive influence in people's lives.

Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School  Inc.

There are two practices which have contributed to our long term success  solid reputation and peace of mind:  First  seek out mentors - find those who have succeeded and do what they do (and avoid what they avoid!)  Second  devote your efforts to doing the RIGHT thing the FIRST time to avoid potential problems down the road.

H. Michael Coyle  Jr.  P. E. ‘82

Beth Gibson Coyle ‘82

Coyle Engineering  Inc.

In technology, you have to put your company in position to succeed. Opportunity comes in many forms. It is important to prepare by actively pursuing your vision and understanding the role your technology will, and will not, play. Think ahead. Success is where opportunity and preparedness meet.

Dan Rooney  Ph.D. ‘92

Earth Information Technologies  Corp.

Never waiver on your principals.  Even when you feel discouraged don't give up and always do the right thing.

Cade Burks ‘83

EC Power  Inc

If you have the passion and vision for a product or service  leave no stone unturned in attempting to achieve your goals.

Darrell Ward ‘73

eInstruction Corp.

Think like a man of action and act like a man of faith.

Todd D. Wintters ‘94

Engineering Concepts & Design  LP

Do something remarkable  aim high and create a fast-paced and fun environment.  Hire really good people and trust them to do their jobs.  Reward the high achievers and find those rewards early on.

William A. Coskey  P.E. ‘75

ENGlobal Corporation

It's not about what you can do or how hard you work. Seek God's direction for your business and your life  then you will be successful in the things that really matter.

Lloyd B. Andrew III  CIH  CSP ‘82

EnvirOSH Services  Inc.

Always remember that people matter most.  By passionately serving your clients (as well as your own staff) you can accomplish amazing and rewarding things.

Monty G. Myers ‘86

Eureka Software Solutions  Inc

Pursue your goals and make your dreams reality!  Work hard but do it the right way....never compromise your integrity or your honor.

Wm. Keith Przybyla ‘86

FiberOptic Bulbs Incorporated

Business is the art of timing  knowing when to move faster  move slower  or just stay still.

Creed L. Ford III ‘75

Fired Up Inc.

Perseverence is critical. Keep trying until you succeed. It's inevitable that there will be setbacks and failures. Learn from them and drive on. Maintain your momentum so you can power through the problem to the next opportunity.

Andy Townend ‘88

Flexible Lifeline Systems

Get face time with your customers.  If you forget the customer  nothing much else matters.

Gina Bellinger ‘89

John Bellinger ‘76

Dr. Gary C. Smith ‘68

Food Safety Net Services

For entrepreneurs to be successful they have to hire  train  and promote employees who behave as entrepreneurs themselves.  Our company is not run from the "top down"  but from the "bottom up".  It makes no difference whether the company is a small private firm or a large public company.

H. Craig Clark ‘79

 Forest Oil Corporation

It's one thing to be in business  but it's completely different from staying in business. Work hard and take care of your employees because your success will depend on them too.

Damon Diamantaras ‘92

Cynthia Diamantaras ‘92

GoDish.com  Ltd.LLP

Attitude and determination will take you a long way down the path to your goal.

Thomas P. Richards ‘65

 Grey Wolf  Inc

Keep your word.  If you say that you will meet a deadline  meet it.  If you tell employees that you will provide a great place to work  provide it.  As Henry Ford said  "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."  Follow through on your word.

Rachel R. Hayden ‘89

 Hayden Consultants  Inc.

Don't be discouraged when event's don't happen as fast as you would like  continue taking steps  however small  to progress  and when you look back to see how things have developed  you will be surprised at how much has been accomplished.


Creativity is a skill needed for every career path - whether it is creating a solution to a business challenge or developing a new product. Allow yourself to receive new ideas.

Christine M. Hollinden ‘87

Hollinden | professional services marketing

Spearhead a culture that encourages creative idea generation  embraces teamwork  and promotes critical thinking. If you don't have passion and off-the-chart enthusiasm for your "dream"  then it will not become a reality. Write your goals down.

Robert M. Borsh  Jr. ‘03

 House of Forgings  Inc.

Strive to be the best in your profession and don't be afraid to take calculated risks.  Make money for your investors and you will make money.  Wealth comes from ownership of assets.

Dudley J. Hughes ‘51

HughesOil  Inc.

Seek out mentors that have already been where you want to go.  Find out how they got there  what it cost them and what they would have done differently along the way.  Learning from other’s mistakes keeps you from paying the price for your own.

Kody Shed ‘95

InHouse Systems  Inc.

My advice to those who would be successful entrepreneurs comes from two areas that are of great importance in my life – my Christian faith and Texas A&M.  In the Corps at A&M I learned that to be a good leader  you first have to learn how to follow.  From my faith I have learned that if you want to be successful in life you must serve the needs of those around you.  So if you want to be a successful entrepreneur  learn how to be a good follower so you can be a good leader  and when you are leading  be a good servant.

Jerry Easterly ‘83

INSYTE Information Corp

Follow the Aggie Creed  fight for what is right  and follow your dreams.

Scott Moscrip ‘93

Internet Truckstop

Discover your core competency and focus yourself and your organization on that competency. Always take care of your people and they will take care of you.

James M Benham ‘01

JB Knowledge Technologies  Inc

Set goals  be persistent  and maintain your honor and integrity in all you do.

Jason Falk ‘92

Patrick Henney ‘89


1. Pursue business ventures in which you have lots of experience and you enjoy.  2. Plan to work lots of hours until the business is established - no TV  no social life (other than family)  just work.

Shan Jenkins ‘88

Jenkins Custom Homes

"Make a Differene" in everything you do.

Larry D. Teverbaugh ‘76


Plan your venture extensively  and conduct signficant market research.  Fully commit to the opportunity  diligently execute against the plan  hire outstanding people  and aggressively delegate responsibility to those people.

Travis M. Parigi ‘94


In the business world integrity and a good reputation are the most important assets that any company can possess.

Calvin T. Ladner  P.E. ‘80

LJA Engineering & Surveying  Inc.

To achieve your goals you must persistently execute with passion...and you must remember that those who achieve great things are not any smarter or more capable than others.  They have simply decided to make use of what's available to them.

Marcus J. Lockard ‘72

Lockard & White  Inc.

Put your beliefs and your family ahead of your business because without them  the success of your business just isn't worth it.  It's important to persevere in striving for your goals  some things come quickly  some do not.  After 5 years of effort  we are now officially the Apple Educational Reseller for Texas A&M University! WHOOP!

Carolyn Harwell Turk ‘84

MacResource Computers & Service

Follow your passion; true success follows true passion.  Your word matters and your action must be congruent with your word.    Always provide products or services that people truly need  anything less is more about your needs than theirs.

Gordon Ivan Townsend ‘81

 Margarita Naturalmente  S.A. de C.V.

Do not let your education hold you back.  Do what you love to do.

Damon W. Holditch ‘65

Marquee Tent Productions

Make sure your expenses don't exceed your income.

Marvin P. Tate II ‘75

 Marvin Tate Communications

Ultimately  we are all a product of the choices we make.  Work hard  stay focused  and see the Big Picture.

John M. McNair ‘76

 McNair Custom Homes L.P.

Don't let "conventional wisdom" limit your options.  Many success stories are the result of people doing what they're not supposed to be able to do

Edelmiro Muniz ‘67

MEI Technologies  Inc.

Pursue the talents that make you the individual God created you to be.  Passion is a great fuel but Wisdom is the suspension you can operate without.  Balance your weaknesses with other persons strengths and build your team.

Tyler W. Merrick ‘00

Merrick Pet Care

Growth consumes Cash !

Michael J  Havel ‘76

Metro Custom Plastics Inc

There is no business model worth promoting if you don't have the right people to go with it.

Philip T. Miner  III ‘80

Miner Fleet Management Group

Passion  determination  drive  and tolerance are vital to success for any entrepreneur.  These characteristics are paramount to any business plan or waiting for the perfect environment with which to start your business.

Ben Collinsworth ‘99

Native Land Design  LLC

Governor Coke has it right!

Robert Waggoner ‘76

Nodus  Inc.

Your company's character is its most important asset. Never promise what you cannot deliver and always deliver what you promise.

Gary Gonzalez ‘80

Paloma Energy Consultants  LP

Aggies are a rare breed.  We have learned that when we move with determination toward a common goal  that success will usually follow.  If the goal is also our passion  happiness will be our companion and success is guaranteed.

Michael R. Wilkinson ‘86

Paragon Innovations

Set goals  create a mission statement  develop a business plan  and find a good mentor to help you along the path.  Be willing to admit that you don’t know everything and never be afraid to seek out the answer.  Persevere  pray often  always maintain your integrity  seize your opportunities and enjoy your successes.

Kimberly Smart Willmott ‘86


Vision  credibility  passion and 110% follow through are teh fundamentals of success in building a business....a good sense of humor will make the journey more enjoyable....a good team is essential if you want to grow your business beyond your personal limitations.

Laine Perry ‘72

Perry Equipment Corporation

Stay focused.  It is easy to stray  but a dedication to a more narrow business plan or concept leverages the knowledge and contacts gained.

Grant Swartzwelder ‘85

PetroGrowth Advisors

Build a culture based on integrity  excellent service  and LOA (a Lack of Arrogance) and you will find success.

Michael Sullivan ‘91

Quest Business Solutions

Start investing early and strive to work for yourself. Protect and maintain your credit.

Todd Routh ‘86

River Place Golf Group L.P.

Invest early in income producing properties for the long term. Protect and maintain good credit to help with financing investments.

Todd Routh ‘86

 Routh Development Group

The traditions you learn regarding what it means to be an Aggie in terms of honor  commitment  work ethic  and loyalty will serve you well in the business world.

C. John Scheef III ‘81

Scheef & Stone  LLP

Set a clear vision. Hire good people based on integrity  attitude and intelligence. Train the heck out of them. Let them run.

Ed Schipul ‘90

Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Provide quality work on all projects-no matter what the size. Small projects can lead to big projects.

Gerald H. Schwarz ‘82

Tod D. Hanson ‘89

 Schwarz Hanson Architects

Get to know yourself well before you start your own business.  Best way to do that is through experience.  Get to know a lot about other people  too.  Then associate yourself with the best  and never stop learning.

Ed H. Moerbe ‘61

Stanton Chase Dallas  Inc.

Always strive to learn as much as possible about your industry  and the company where you are employed.  Above all else maintain your personal and business credibility and use your  knowledge to become the go-to-person within your organization.

Charles Ansley ‘67

Symon Communications Inc

To increase your company's sales  one must understand and demonstrate the value of their product/service instead of just stating a price!

Kimberly D. Lawrence ‘82

Tape Solutions  Inc.

Stay focused and committed to your passion.  Sharpen your communication skills and remember "you never listen yourself out of a job."

Enrique A. Tessada ‘66

Tessada & Associates  Inc

Don't let the "fear of the unknown" bog you down when you're starting out.  If you believe in your basic business idea  focus your time and engergy on that - and get some expert advice for everything else.

Matt Fox ‘97

The CAD Group

Have a passion for what you do. Build strong caring relationships with your Clients  if you don't someone else will. Hire the best employees and take care of them  if you don't someone else will. Always try to do the right thing.

Dale K. Clarke ‘81

Town Center Landscape  Inc.

Credit score...it all boils down to credit score!! Passion  you must be passionate about what you are doing.

Uri Geva ‘98

UK Advertising  Inc. dba Infinity Pro Sports

Determine to do the very things that scare you most.  By eliminating the distraction and paralysis of your own fears  all that is left is to work hard and treat people right.  If you can do this  it will be difficult to NOT succeed.

Mike Busch ‘88

Vogel Financial Advisors  LLC

Systematize  systematize and more systematizing.  Systems allow you to produce consistent repeatable results.  Consistent results bring you more and bigger customers.  Success breeds more success.


Quietly solve the clients' problems without passing the "headaches" along to them.

Ronald J. Boyd ‘78

Williamsburg Environmental Group  Inc.

The most important thing when building a company is to have good people.  Value not only their experience and credentials  but their character.

John M. Yantis ‘53

J. Mike Yantis ‘76

Thomas G. Yantis ‘78

Mike Yantis  Jr. ‘2002

Yantis Company

Find something you love to do then do it better  cheaper or faster than anyone else.

Thomas Zais ‘97

Zice Companies  LLC